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È assetato per la mia anima

He is thirsty for my blood

sangiune {v. 2.0 - fairy tales}
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..and welcome to sangiune, a community all about the Twilight fandom!


What is Twilight about?

Taken from Barnes and Noble [dot] com:

Isabella Swan's move to Forks, a small, perpetually rainy town in Washington, could have been the most boring move she ever made. But once she meets the mysterious and alluring Edward Cullen, Isabella's life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. Up until now, Edward has managed to keep his vampire identity a secret in the small community he lives in, but now nobody is safe, especially Isabella, the person Edward holds most dear. The lovers find themselves balance precariously on the point of a knife -- between desire and danger.

Where did you get the name Sangiune from?

'sangiune' means 'blood' in French. Get it? ;P


Your moderators are anticlownperson and hopeis_swift. They have mulled over a long period of time about a fresh Twilight community, so here you go!

Contacting the moderators:

If there are any emergencies, questions, or just want to say 'hello' to either anticlownperson or hopeis_swift, here are the ways of contacting them:

AIM: umbre in spades
E-MAIL: anticlownperson@gmail.com

AIM: hope is x swift
E-MAIL: hopeis.swift@gmail.com


As a member of sangiune, you are expected to uphold these rules when posting. Failure to follow these expectations will result in a warning and/or being banned from sangiune for an appropriate amount of time.

    - WHAT IS ALLOWED IN SANGIUNE: Anything book related. This can be what you think will happen in Eclipse, questions about the book, and anything else that pops in your head. Book discussions are highly recommended. Fan fiction and fan art is also allowed to be posted. Graphics, as long as they are Twilight-related and under a cut, may be posted here. If you find a actor that could possibly act in the Twilight movie, then you must supply a detail paragraph (not an essay, just a few sentences) of why you think this actor could be apart in the movie. And just don't go on looks! Look for what that actor/actress has done in the past.
    - WHAT IS NOT ALLOWED ON SANGUINE: Cast lists as a regular entry. There is a entry made just for actor choices. It will be marked as spam and deleted. Fan mixes are allowed under appropriate entry. Ask yourself before you post it. All irrelevant and posts that are off-topic will be deleted. Re-occurring violators of this rule will be warned and banned. Think your post was wrongly deleted? Don't get your undies in a twist; contact one of the mods :]


    - RESPECT! Respect one another! I'm sure everyone has enough drama in their own lives so don't carry it onto here. We're all here to talk about Twilight :]
    - POSTING A FANFIC? COOL BEANS! Follow this format:

    - LJ-CUT Long posts, spoilers, graphics, fan fiction, and fan art ALL require a LJ-cut. What is an LJ cut?
    Copy and paste the code before your long post/spoiler/graphic/fanfic/fanart:

    - NO SPAM! Anything not following the rules will be deleted. We don't make your room dirty, so don't make your community dirty.
    - JOINING: Sangiune does have moderated membership, but we're really friendly folks and we accept just about everyone. We just like being able to keep tabs on who's joining and how many new people we have joining us at any one time. So go ahead and click the join link, we'd love to have you!
    After you decide to join our community, you must post this quick little introductory post about yourself! It helps us all to know you better :]:

    - HAVE FUN! This is all about our love for Twilight, and everything in between. Enjoy yourselves!


Opinions are greatly welcome to improve your community! Make a comment here and we'll talk to you and make changes as soon as possible :]


This community was created by hopeis_swift on April 9th, 2007, and brought to you by anticlownperson and hopeis_swift.

Current layout is by: ofthesea, all altering and the header is by is by hopeis_swift.

Current userinfo header/table/info all done by hopeis_swift.

Current community icon is by hopeis_swift. Please give credit where credit is due, if you do decide to take.


If you would like to affiliate with us, please post a comment on the opinions post, and the mods will get back to you!

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